Botanical Bird Printmaking
Botanical BirdPrintmaking

Hi, welcome to my website! 

This space aims to inspire creative action! It's a space to allow me to rattle on about printmaking and plants, which are two things that I love. I'm guessing that you love them too, that's why you've found this website!

I've tried lots of different printing techniques but it's Lino that really hits the spot for me. If you visit the printmaking page it will show you the different styles that I'm drawn to.

Herbs at Home

This space aims to introduce you to herbs in all their green glory.

Healing plants have been used for thousands of years from Dandelions to Oak trees.


Plant medicine is safe, natural and holistic and works in harmony with the body. Today, Herbal Medicine embraces the use of traditional plant remedies backed up by scientific research.



Bright and colourful Lino prints inspired by nature.

I especially love reduction Lino prints, where you use one plate and carve away each printed colour.


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