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Herbs at home

I adore trees and plants! These days I crave peace, quite and the time to sit and appreciate the beauty of our trees, hedgerows and greenery.

I qualified as an Medical Herbalist in 2009 after studying for my degree in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University. 

I love the idea that everyone can have a herb patch in the garden for making teas, lotions and potions.

Here is where I chat about growing, making and using herbs for fun and general well-being.

Making a herbal infused oil

Dandelions are so useful !


This golden herbal infused oil is yet another use for our friend the Dandelion. This time it’s the flowers which are good for aching muscles and joints.


Infused oils can be made from many different herbs for many different reasons. For instance, Calendula or Marigold petals make a wonderful healing oil for inflammation and dry irritated skin. Rose petals are used as a cooling and nourishing oil that is exquisitely scented.


I found the details for this infused oil in one of my favourite books Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Burton-Seal and Matthew Seal. When you have picked your Dandelion flower heads leave them out on some paper so that any wild life can escape. Then fill a jam jar with the blossoms and cover completely with either olive oil or sweet almond oil. Each time you check your oil over the next couple of weeks make sure that the flowers are submerged under the oil or they may go rotten. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin s that any moisture from the flowers can escape into the atmosphere.


Making an ointment

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