Botanical Bird Printmaking
Botanical BirdPrintmaking

Very exciting news!

The Old Bird has opened an Etsy shop! 
Please take a look, have a mooch and contact me if you have any questions or requests ?


Its been a long time in the making but I'm chuffed that I've pushed myself to do it. I hope you like it as mush as I do!


I will put any new shop listings on the website so you can keep up to date.






Autumn Cherry

This Lino print is made using three different hand carved  blocks. Leaves, sky and branches. I couldn't resist using a little copper paint to finish it off!

Reduction Lino Cut Prints

I love reduction Lino prints from the initial sketches and working out the colours to the exciting final print that pulls everything together.

Redution linocut uses a single block to achieve a multi coloured, unique print. The block is progressively carved away after each colour that is printed leaving only the final stage of working. This means that there is a small number of finished prints, I usually do a maximum of 15, also, there will be no more editions, once each layer of colour is carved away there's no going back! 
So with the image below called Weeping blossom, there are 3 different pink layers, after each one the colour you want to remain will be carved away leaving the block ready for the next colour, which in this case was blue. The final colour top tint was the brown of the branches so all the blue area was carved away.

Bright and breezy two colour Lino Prints

The images that lend themselves to single or two colour printing tend to be strong and have quite a graphic feel.

With this Butterfly image I graduated Prussian blue ink to a paler blue.

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